• It's an entertaining urban adventure filled with action, humor and intrigue.
  • Reveals secrets/opinions/emotions seldom said out loud and never in 'mixed' (ie. black and white) company.
  • Cleverly uses a 'Suspense Story Format' that brings the truth to the surface (without preaching at you).
  • Has proven to have Mass Audience appeal. Readers come from every segment of American society.
  • Contains more than 7 pages of 'Slang Terms'. Find out what you've been hearing but not understanding.
  • Often 'slap your leg' funny. Always relevant. Fast, action packed reading!
  • 212 pages of enlightening text that makes you question how much you really know about yourself, your fellow workers and your neighborhood.


This book was tight.

I’m not much of a reader but my girlfriend told me about it and I’m still laughing.


I read the original when it first came out in paperbook. I borrowed the book from a friend. Now that it has been re-released in eBook format I got my own copy.

I get to take sneak peeks at it at work. It gives me a quick pick me up. Can’t wait for the follow-up.

I teach high school and I noticed at some point that my students and a number of teachers were talking about this book.

At first I thought the subject matter was strange, but when my wife and I read it I became aware that it wasn’t just for African Americans and the ‘hip hop’ crowd. We really enjoyed it.

My cousin borrowed my laptop for a week and when she returned it I noticed your book was loaded on the hard disk. I had heard of eBooks but I never really sat down to read one. What a pleasant surprise.

I now have it loaded on my Android tablet and a friend of mine has it on her Kindle. Good stuff!

I’ve always had thoughts of writing my own book in the future and this experience has moved me a long way towards that goal. Thanks.





Adrian 002